• BT Wholesale has announced the introduction of its long awaited Wholesale Broadband Managed Connect (WBMC) over IPstream Connect product, which is part of the operators next-gen 21st Century Network (21CN) platform. The move is crucial for many BT based UK ISPs because it will make it easier and potentially less costly to run 'up to' 24Mbps (ADSL2+) and future fibre optic ( FTTC,FTTP) based broadband services.
  • In 2009 BT launched 21st Century Network ability, 186k were one of the first ISPs in the UK to offer this service. Today we continue to serve home and business users with increased speed and service levels as the technology develops, our packages are designed to fit every business and home user.

QoS Ability Available to all clients

Using our advanced QoS tools you can be sure that your bandwidth is managed correctly and efficiently. With the ability to assign diverse profiles to individual customers you can maintain the correct balance of bandwidth for your customer base and never drop packets like others ISPs.

Walled Garden System24/7 365 Days a year

Our wall garden system allows customers on white label service to restrict access to users who have exceeded their monthly cap, alternatively it can offer a "buy more bandwidth" page to each customer allowing them to purchase additional bandwidth and increase revenue without contacting the customer, something no other ISP can do at present!

186k Information24/7 updates

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